Android Trojan Malware Records Your Phone Conversations

A new Android malware has hit the scene that will surely cause some paranoia the next time you have a private—or at least you thought was private—phone conversation. According to researchers at CA Security Advisor, a new Android Trojan has been discovered that lodges itself in your phone when you download an infected app and then proceeds to record your phone calls.

The malware mimics legitimate apps, but once installed, it secretly records all of your phone calls in stores them on your handset's SD card. It also inserts a configuration file with parameters for a remote server, suggesting that malware can also upload recorded conversations to a remote server.

It's recommended that Android users exercise more caution and install only apps from trusted sources. Non-market apps can also be blocked by unchecking "Unknown Sources" in your Android device's Application settings. Anti-virus type of apps for Android devices can also be used to help detect and prevent malware.

[via CA Security]