Android Touch Screen Phone Hands-on at MWC - Working unit from E28

Micheal Chu from E28 was kind enough to give our man Vincent a fairly thorough walk through of one of their older devices that they just ported Android over to. It has the GSM stack, can do messaging and everything else that an Android phone should be able to do.

This particular device was fairly responsive, but compared to the ARM device we saw yesterday, it was a bit on the slow side, but for a device they didn't specifically design for Android, it's not bad. I guess this just goes to show the modularity of Android since its so easily capable of being put on existing hardware.

Don't forget to check out the video above, its pretty cool. But, speaking of this device made me realize something, a pattern of sorts that I've seen, this phone has a touchscreen, the ARM one didn't, and the other two that were kind of sluggish compared to the ARM handset last night also had a touchscreen, so maybe if you really want a fast, responsive Android system you either need to ditch the touchscreen or crank up the processing/graphics power considerably to compensate for the touchscreen drain.

[via PhoneMag]