Android Studio makes development fragmentation history

Today at Google I/O, the company just announced what they're calling Android Studio, an updated developer tool that offers a new environment for devs when coding their apps. Google says that the IDE (integrated developer environment) is created to make developers faster and more productive when coding their apps.

The new IDE in Android Studio is based on the community edition of IntelliJ, which should make many developers happy, and Google gave a live demo of the new developer suite by showing off live code updates and live renderings of apps in real time, which allows you to see what your app will look like on different screen sizes as you type code and make changes to it.

The suite also lets you choose from a huge library of devices that you can virtually use to try out your app to see what it looks like on certain devices and different screen sizes. This may not mean much to the non-developer, so if there's anything to get out of this, it's that this could solve fragmentation, and apps could look a whole lot better in the future.

As for developing apps for an international audience, Android Studio also includes different language tools. You can get a real-time view of how your app works with different languages, which is great because you'll be able to see how the text changes and affects other elements in the app as the language is changed.

Google plans to continue to add on to Android Studio in the future, and what they have shown today is really just the tip of the iceberg. The company wants to integrate more and more services into Android Studio in the future, which should make developing apps even easier as time goes on.