Android Phone Gets Driver Out of a Ticket

College student Sahas Katta was able to beat his speeding ticket in traffic court using...drumroll please...his Android smartphone, and a handy app. Katta was pulled over and charged with going 40mph in a 25mph zone. But he wasn't going 40, only 26mph. His word against the officer's right? Not so much, since he was running My Tracks by Google in the background on his Motorola Droid phone.

The free app records and visualizes GPS data on a map, tracking distance, average speed, average moving speed, and max speed. Katta downloaded this information to Google Docs and brought it with him to the courtroom. He was able to convince the judge that the officer might not have been using his radar gun correctly, introducing enough reasonable doubt that he was declared "not guilty". Nice!

[via Android Community]