Android P on Pixel 2 might have automatic color adjustment

What should have been a great successor to a great first product quickly turned into a disaster. The Google Pixel 2, most especially the bigger Pixel 2 XL, was beset by many complaints and issues. The first of those was about how its OLED screen was dry and dull, forcing Google to add some color mode options. Google, however, is never a fan of manual options or letting less knowledgeable users be in control. That's why in Android P, the Pixel 2 phones might get a new color mode, one that will decide what's best on the user's behalf.

The new color mode spotted by XDA is simply called "Automatic" and will let the system decide when to "Adjust between vivid and accurate colors". Nothing else was said about the feature, which is obviously still in development. Given Google's inclinations, however, it wouldn't be too much of a shock if Google cites AI and machine learning as the brains behind it.

In theory, this feature would decide which color mode to use depending on context. Accurate colors would probably be best used when viewing or comparing photos while vivid is more desired when watching videos or playing games. There might also be a pinch of environment involved, adjust colors depending on ambient light. To an extent, it could Android P's AI-powered equivalent to Apple's True Tone display feature.

No one will probably complain about this feature, if it will work as advertised. There will, however, be an uproar if Google decides that Automatic is good enough and removes the current Natural, Boosted, and Saturated color modes.