Android Messages for Web setup process is nearly complete

Google might be criticized for having a confusing array of messaging services but it is at least doing one thing right. It is giving most of them equal features so you won't have to be jealous over another service or app. Then again, that could also make choosing between them even harder. Now that Allo for Web is a thing, it seems that Google is putting its focus on bringing that same convenience to SMS-based Android Messages. And judging by the functionality already in the Android app, it could come any time now.

Google hasn't actually even acknowledged that such feature is in the works, but no matter. Thanks to the extensive sleuthing done by XDA Developers, it's pretty much a closed case. Hidden in the latest Android Messages app is the setup process for linking your phone to the web service, which pretty much confirms Android Message for Web's existence.

The pairing process is really no different from other similar features or from Allo for Web. You go to the existing but "empty" web page to get a QR code you'll need to scan with the app. Once the pairing has been done, you can send and read text messages on any web browser without picking up your phone.

One unique thing about Android Messages for Web is that you can link your Google account to the app. It is needed for a "personal experience" but the exact details of that are virtually unknown. It could also simply mean ads and tracking.

The exact implementation details of this Web feature are also unknown. Allo for Web, for example, routes messages sent from the Web browser through your phone. Considering Android Messages uses SMS, that is also to be expected. We'll find out soon enough. With the Android app setup and website already in place, all Google probably needs is to flip the switch and write a blog post about it.