Android "L" might end up with multi-user support after all

Support for multiple users may not be something you want, but there are some important use cases for it. Some Android devices have it (mainly tablets), so it makes sense to see it come to smartphones as well. A recent post in the Android issue tracker strongly suggests it will be making its way to Android "L".

When one user posted that multi-user support was not available on their android smartphone, the issue was quickly closed. "The development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build" was the response from a Developer at Google.

The "next public build" is likely the Android "L" release, as KitKat as seen it's update days come to a close. Whether or not KitKat gets another public update is not known, but it would make little sense to update it with a fairly major feature such as this ahead of "L".

So, why would you want this? Aside from those who may use devices for work, and want to keep entirely separate profiles, this can be handy for security as well. Create a guest account, or one for the kids. your little ones could have all their apps loaded up, and you wouldn't have to navigate past them. Kids would also not be able to access that funny-but-not-for-them pic you snapped when walking downtown last week.

Via: Android Police