Android beats iOS in mobile ad impressions for Q4 2013 but loses in revenue

Opera Mediaworks has published a new report that looks at the mobile advertising industry at the end of 2013. The report shows that Android beat iOS slightly in Q4 2013 for ad impressions. The report also looks at the number of tablets that were activated during the days around Christmas.

The report found that in the three days of December 24, 25, and 26 the number of tablets and smartphones on the market increased by 13% in the US and 22% in Europe. That shows that there were a significant amount of new tablets and smartphones purchased during the holiday season.

The report also found that while ad revenue for iOS devices is high, Android drives the majority of mobile ad traffic for phones. During Q4 2013 iOS devices racked up 56% of mobile ad revenue. That is an increase from the 50% of mobile ad revenue the platform had in Q3 2013.

During Q4, Android had 36% of phone traffic according to the report compared to the iPhone's 28.7% of traffic. The information in the report comes from the Opera Mediaworks network that serves ads to 425 million consumers with 60 billion impressions monthly.

SOURCE: Opera Software