Android Auto pixelated graphics bug will get official fix in June

Last year, Android Auto users began reporting an issue involving pixelated or otherwise disrupted graphics that, in some cases, resemble the artifacts present in a highly compressed JPEG. Dozens of bug reports and user posts rolled in, but the issue has persisted for months with little commentary from Google. That changed over the weekend when the company announced that an official fix will be launched in June.

Users report seeing the pixelated graphics either persistently or only occasionally; some have identified workarounds that temporarily eliminate the issue, though it reappears the next time the platform is used. For some users, Android Auto's interface appears normal at first, but becomes pixelated several minutes or more after use.

Android Auto user Dharmin Doshi shared the image below on Google's Product Forums. According to the user, the pixelated graphics appeared following the update released in December:

On April 8, Lawrence with the Android Auto team posted an update in the Google Product Forums, stating that the issue is originating from the chipset firmware rather than the Android Auto app. That'll cause a small delay in releasing the software update to fix it, which means users will have to deal with the problem until this June.

The fix will be available by the end of the month as part of the next Google Play Services release.

SOURCE: Google Product Forums