Android 2.2 Froyo on Nexus One Right Now Isn't the Official Release

To anyone out there that's running Android 2.2 right now, what's being lovingly called Froyo by Google and everyone else, you're probably having some pretty smooth sailing right now. And with that smooth sailing, and all those bundled features for your heart's content, you probably assumed that this was the final build from Google that got pushed out to some Nexus Ones last week. That's apparently not the case, if a Google employee is to be believed.

According to Ry Guy, a Google Employee, the release of Froyo floating around the Internet, and installed on quite a few Nexus Ones out there, isn't the official release. Plain and simple. Nexus One owners out there, whether they've upgraded or not, will still receive an Over the Air (OTA) update notification when Google does finally push out the update. Of course, that's only if the official release is newer than the build that Google is releasing at the time. So, it's perfectly plausible that you, with your manually updated Nexus One, will have the "final build" even before Google updates the rest of them.

Google is "striving hard to OTA the build to you ASAP," according to Ry Guy. We should also mention that, as long as you upgraded your N1 from Google, and the update was from the Mountain View-based company, then you'll be good to go when the official update comes rolling around. We're still expecting it within the next couple of weeks, and some time in the "near future" for Motorola DROID owners out there. Of course, if you haven't put Froyo on your Nexus One yet, and you're curious about it, then read "Froyo is Delicious." It's worth it.

[via XDA Developers Forum; Thanks, Paul!]