Anderson concept is part notebook and part tablet

I like to see concept products from designers that hint at the things we will see in the future. I think the cool Anderson concept you see here is something that we will likely see in the future. It was designed by Ma Yiwei and Tao Ying specifically to fill the gap between a notebook and a tablet computer. The concept would be about the size of a small tablet with a keyboard module.

That keyboard module is hinged so it could be used in portrait or landscape modes. The only downside I see is that the concept keyboard looks to be touchscreen. Then again, since these are renderings it may just look like a touchscreen and actually be intended to show physical keys.

The design was developed for a Fujitsu contest to design a future computer. The little concept would measure 165mm square and be 17mm thick. This concept may never become a reality, but it could I see nothing here that is too far out of the realm of reality for tech today.

[via Technabob]