…And “SIXAXIS” Shalt Be Thy Name

Benjamin Nied - Oct 4, 2006

I don’t think too many people were really waiting with baited breath over this news, but I could be wrong. Sony has announced that their new, motion-sensitive, rumbleless controller will no longer carry the Dual Shock name…ya know, due to the lack of “Shock.” The wireless gamepad will, from this day forth, be officially dubbed “SIXAXIS”. The controller itself will run on either a rechargeable battery (which Sony claims will last up to 30 hours on one charge) or off an included USB cable. Total cost: around 5,000 yen ($40 USD), though I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price jump a little bit for us American buyers (I mean, we WILL be paying almost $70 more than the Japanese PS3 buyers will be once the PS3 hits). So, goodbye Dual Shock, hello SIXAXIS. I can’t wait to see what name they give their next accessory!

[via IGN]

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