Ancient viking sword discovered in 'excellent condition'

A 1,200 year old viking sword described as being in "quite extraordinary" condition was discovered in Norway by a hiker, it has been revealed. According to a new report, the sword was discovered by outdoorsman Goran Olsen, who was hiking an ancient route when he stumbled upon the weapon. Despite its age, the sword is said to be in very good condition, something possibly resulting from long periods of cover snow and ice.

The sword dates back to about 750AD, and was found simply lying beneath some rocks on a path spanning from western to eastern Norway. It likely went undiscovered for so long due, in part, to the 6+ months of frost and snow that cover the ground, meaning it could be covered for a majority of the year.

That frosty weather is also being credited with keeping the sword in good condition. Though the handle is no longer present, the blade is very obviously that of a sword, measuring in at 30 inches in length. It is rusted, but that is all. Whether it ended up there due to a burial or an unexpected death is not known.

The iron sword has been gifted to the University Museum of Bergen, where it will undergo preservation efforts. In addition, a team will head up to the location where it was found once spring comes around, possibly discovering how the sword ended up there, and whether any other artifacts are present.