Analysts says no OLED iPad Air next year

Rumors have been flying that Apple would change its popular iPad Air to utilize an OLED display next year. According to noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple changed its plans and will continue to utilize LCD technology for the Air throughout 2022. Kuo previously stated that Apple would reserve its mini-LED technology for the iPad Pro devices.

The reason Apple will maintain the mini-LED technology exclusively for its Pro line of devices is cost, despite that the technology suffers from less burn-in than OLED. As for why Apple is changing its plans, Kuo said in an investor letter that it could not get the OLED iPad Air to market and meet its performance and cost requirements.

The first time Apple used mini-LED technology in its iPad Pro line came earlier this year with the 12.9-inch tablet. The same display technology is expected to come in the refreshed MacBook Pro models expected to be revealed soon. The smaller 11-inch iPad Pro will get a mini-LED upgrade sometime next year, according to Kuo.

One interesting statement Kuo made is that Apple is currently working on new technology for tablet products for the next 3 to 5 years that will make them lighter, thinner, and foldable. There are plenty of foldable smartphones on the market today, but Apple has yet to step into that realm.

Many expect Apple to debut a folding iPhone. An iPhone model that could unfold into something the size of the iPad Mini would be very popular. Kuo wrote in his investor note the main use for mini-LED screens from Apple for the foreseeable future will be MacBooks. The cheaper MacBook Air is expected to get a mini-LED screen as soon as next year.