Analogue teases a mystery reveal - here's my best guess

It's been something of a rough year for Analogue, but it seems the company is pressing on anyway. Today, Analogue started teasing a new announcement it will make later this week. Obviously, we have no idea what this announcement is and won't until the big day arrives, but Analogue's tease already has many fans guessing at what it could be.

The tease gives very little away – if it gives anything away at all – so get ready to put on your thinking caps. A short time ago, Analogue published the tweet you see below, which comprises a single image that displays the date and time this announcement is set to go down. The day is October 16th, and the time is 8 AM PDT/11 AM EDT, but beyond that, it gives us no details whatsoever.

The date won't come as a surprise to anyone who has followed Analogue for years, as October 16th is when the company reveals new hardware each year. For instance, last year, on October 16th, Analogue revealed the Duo (pictured above), an upcoming machine that's compatible with most NEC games and formats. In fact, the tweet announcing the Duo is still pinned to Analogue's Twitter feed nearly a year after that initial announcement.

So, we're likely getting the reveal of a new piece of equipment this year, but the big question now is what Analogue could have up its sleeve. Going off the font Analogue used in its teaser, some are guessing this new device could be an FPGA-based VCR, as the font looks similar to the VHS display text. It's also possible that Analogue is gearing up to announce a successor to the Nt Mini, which was discontinued earlier this year.

One product we're likely not hearing anything about this Saturday is the Analogue Pocket, which was just recently delayed for the third time. Now, Analogue expects to ship out pre-orders sometime in December while opening up new orders at some point after the holidays. Regardless of what Analogue reveals on Saturday, we'll let you know what it is, so stay tuned for more.