An ominous blemish has appeared in Fortnite's Pleasant Park

Epic is constantly changing the Fortnite battle royale island, a decision mostly praised due to its ability to keep the game feeling fresh. These changes typically happen in stages, the first signs being some small change to a particular building or structure. Pleasant Park, the destination that has remained mostly unchanged throughout the game's life, is now home to one of those small changes.

Pleasant Park, the fairly large suburban destination on the Fortnite island, has remained surprisingly untouched over the seasons despite its popularity with players. The point of interest joins Salty Springs in offering the game's traditional aesthetic of past seasons, contrasting nicely with the game's two new ultra-modern destinations.

Due to Epic clamping down on leaks about future updates, players were caught off guard by the sudden appearance of a small construction site on the southeast corner of Pleasant Park this week. Epic is dismantling the point of interest's modern house, the square-shaped residence that stands out among the other more traditional house styles.

So far the spot shows remaining parts of the modern house, including the foundation and the garage structure, as well as the blue car and some appliances like the washer/dryer and refrigerator. The ground is broken and some rocks are dug up, but otherwise the rest of the suburb appears undisturbed.

If history is any example, we'll likely see additional construction work appear in the spot and potentially at other houses in Pleasant Park. There haven't been any leaks concerning the new events, so it's hard to say what Epic has planned, but we can expect that something substantial will arrive in Pleasant Park in the near future.