Amnesia Collection for PS4 inbound -- here are 4 other games to terrify you

Frictional Games has announced the upcoming launch of Amnesia: Collection for the PlayStation 4, bringing the titles to Sony's console. The collection will be comprised of three games: "Amnesia: The Dark Descent," "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs," and "Amnesia: Justine." The company hasn't detailed pricing or availability at this point, but that's alright: there are some other terrifying games available right now to tie you over.


Outlast is a relatively new game that ended up being a hit with horror gaming fans, and the company behind it just recently released a playable teaser for the upcoming game Outlast II. Outlast — the first game — is a first-person survival title of the horror genre, and it involves a freelance journalist who goes poking around a psychiatric hospital in a rural part of Colorado. As I'm sure you know, everything about that scenario sounds like a bad idea, and so it's no surprise he gets a lot more than he was bargaining for.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a horror movie released in 2015 and it's pretty popular amongst slasher flick fans. If serial killers and long dark nights aren't to your tastes, you may not enjoy this title. For everyone else, though, it's a great way to spend the night — creeping around a house, terrified, trying to evade the stereotypical taunting and teasing of a psychopath who slipped into while you weren't looking.

Dead Space Series

The Dead Space games are beloved by many and well regarded for their combination of science fiction and horror, the latter of which has caused more than a few gamers discomfort. This third-person shooter comes from EA and is joined by "Dead Space 2" and "Dead Space 3," the last of which was released in 2013. The game tasks players with making their way through a spaceship in which the crew have been slaughtered and necromorphs are everywhere.

The Evil Within

Bethesda describes The Evil Within as being 'pure survival horror,' and anyone who has played it can confirm that's true. Think of this as being the next step up from "Until Dawn," the kind of thing you play if that game wasn't quite horrifying enough for your tastes. Check out the trailer above to get an idea about what to expect — this definitely isn't a title that'll appeal to casual horror fans. This game, like the ones above, enjoys high ratings.