Amex Digital launches sub-$200, BD-P1 Blu-ray player

Amex Digital – the same folks who brought you Super multi drive and Blu-ray Disc Recorder – rolls out its first Blu-ray Player, BD-P1, targeting low end market with affordable price tag of $199 ($239 according to press release).

The Amex player supports BD profile 1.1, but makes no mention of BD-live feature despite having an Ethernet port. The broadband connectivity and USB port are said to have equipped for unit's firmware upgrade in the future. Videos support Deep Color (HDMI 1.3 standard), 10-bit/108MHz video digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion, legacy DVD upconvert and Blu-ray native format of 1080p at 24hz display.

Also, the audio decoder is capable of DD plus, DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD and could be output via an optional 7.1 channel audio. Again, the press release doesn't mention if audios are outputted via HDMI bitstream, Liner PCM, or unit comes equipped with analog outputs; but it's being listed at with 7.1 HDMI output and only supported 2 channels of analog outputs.

Amex Digital via akihabaranews