American Horror Story: Hotel set shown off in new trailer

The next season of American Horror Story, Hotel, will be launching next month on FX. We've seen it teased with very brief and vague teasers, but earlier today a new 30 second spot was dropped on the official AHSH Twitter page, and in it we get a big look at the upcoming show — the hotel in which it is set, as well as the roster of characters both familiar and new in all their frightening, trippy getup. The new season premieres on October 7.

This season is particularly notable for its inclusion of Lady Gaga, who we recently learned will be playing a villain (one, it seems, who has embraced a bedazzled wardrobe). We also learned recently that Lily Rabe will be returning to the show, and she'll be playing the part of a serial killer.

In this newest trailer, we're taken down the hotel's various hallways and into some of the rooms branching off them. This includes a laundry room, an unusually white room with children jumping on the furniture, and more. More importantly, though, we get a glimpse at a bunch of the major characters, and thusly an idea of their roles in the show.

As previously reported, Jessica Lange will not be returning for this season. You can find out more about American Horror Story: Hotel in the timeline below. Not up to date on the latest upcoming shows and movies? Hit up our Entertainment portal for more inbound movies and TV shows!