American Horror Stories trailer offers first look at AHS spinoff's evil Santa

Months after learning that a spinoff was in the works, FX has finally given American Horror Story fans another look at the second series in the franchise: American Horror Stories. The new series is, like its older sibling, an anthology show set in the horror genre, though with a notable difference.

With American Horror Story, every season features its own contained storyline; with American Horror Stories, every episode is its own contained story, offering the same kind of horror in bite-sized pieces. The spinoff is a nice complement to American Horror Story, which will return to TV later this year after its long pandemic delay.

The second trailer for American Horror Stories appears to focus on only one story, indicating this is the trailer for the second episode in the anthology. The story revolves around an evil Santa Claus who is apparently going around tying people up with Christmas lights, stuffing mistletoe into their mouths, and butchering them in the middle of the night.

It's the perfect mix of absurdity and gruesomeness that American Horror Story fans have come to know and love. The evil Santa trailer joins the first-look video FX released in late June; that one revolved around the "Rubber Woman," though the trailer was more focused on creepy imagery than an actual story.

While there's still a bit of a wait for the next American Horror Story season, fans won't have to wait long for the spinoff series. FX will premiere American Horror Stories on streaming service Hulu starting July 15.