Amenbo uses all five fingers for computer input

Generally, the input we all use for our computers is a single point. Sure, we can get track pads that sense gestures and multiple fingers as well as touchscreens that allow for multiple finger input. However, for the most part we all use a mouse that has only one point of input. A company called Double Research & Development Co has unveiled a new input device that looks more than a little like a mouse and allows all five fingers to support computer input.

The Amenbo can translate the complete hand movement into computer input. Each of the mouse sensors under the fingers can also sense pressure. That means that not only can all five fingers control screen input, but the Amenbo can sense which of the fingers are being pressed and activate the correct input on the screen. The sensors under each finger are linked by a flexible printed mesh circuit to the base.

The mesh circuit will stretch to accommodate different hand sizes. The part under the plan appears to be a mouse style base. The company thinks that a good place for the Amenbo to be used is in 3D CAD design that is often controlled with a normal mouse and a 3D mouse at the same time. The Amenbo would allow the same control over CAD applications with a single hand.

[via Akihabara News]