AMD will roll out FX-64 in Q4

There is a buzz at HKEPC (in Chinese) about AMD releasing FX-64 (90nm) by 4Q at $999 a pop and it will be available to system integrators by August 8th 2006. Nothing really new about it other than higher clock speed bump to 3.0Ghz. AMD is still using 125W on FX-64 which indicate AMD will conserve their 95W for the Quad chip and lower clock speed CPU at run on 65W. AMD's fab capacity is still keeping them from moving their latest chips to 65nm which Intel will take advantage of by releasing their soon to be out core2 Duo line up. At this moment, many of the early benchmark on AMD's fastest CPU against Intel's Conroe does not favor AMD in anyway. I really do hope AMD could stay competitive against Intel, they have done a great job doing it for the past couple years, unfortunately i have not seen anything on AMD's roadmap that will be able to smoke the fastest Conroe yet.