AMD plans new mobile platform named 'Yokohama'

AMD is not sitting idle while Intel is having all the buzz in the world. After acquiring ATI, AMD plans to introduce a new notebook platform called "Yokohama" by the end of this year. Yokohama will be based on Turion 64 X2 and the upcoming RS690, RS690DC, and RS790M chipsets. One of the great features on Intel's mobile platform such as Centrino and the newer Core mobile platform is that Intel uses their own wireless chipset as a complete platform, while AMD's new platform will still uses 3rd party wireless chipset. AMD has never been really hitting Intel on the mobile platform end, and AMD "Yokohama" platform might not be as good as Intel's Napa64 in term of performance and power consumption. However with ATI on their side, AMD might be able to come up with something better in the future.