AMD Opteron 6300 series CPUs with 12 or 14 cores unveiled

AMD has announced the launch of some new processors in its Opteron range. The new processors go into the Opteron 6300 series and are aimed at sever systems. The new processors have either 12 cores or 14 cores and feature performance optimized for the AMD Open 3.0 Computer Platform.

The processors had the codename Warsaw during development and are aimed at enterprise users. The hardware supports the AMD Piledriver core with improved power efficiency. The new parts are compatible with existing Opteron 6300 parts.

The Opteron 6370P is one of the new CPUs and it has 16 cores. Those cores are able to operate at 2.0 to 2.5GHz. The second processor is the Opteron 6338P and it has 12-cores. Its cores operate at 2.3GHz to 2.8GHz. Both of the processors share the same 99W TDP.

The processors also support quad channel U/RDDR3, ULV, and LRDIMM memory. AMD is aiming the processors at use in data analysis, xSQL, and traditional databases. They are available to purchase now starting at $377 for the 12-core processor and $598 for the 16-core.

SOURCE: Techradar