AMD Gaming Evolved app aims to make gaming PCs as easy to use as consoles

Computer chipmaker AMD and a company called Raptr have announced that they have teamed up to build a new application for computer gamers called AMD Gaming Evolved. The goal of the application is to make PC gaming as easy as console gaming. The app will allow AMD hardware users get the most performance out of their games by suggesting customized optimal game settings for their specific PC.

The app will also allow gamers on PCs powered by AMD to earn real rewards for playing games, access in game tools such as the ability to broadcast live video, take screenshots of games, browse the web, and chat with friends. The app is designed to suggest optimal game settings with the click of a button.

The Control Center of the application will handle the optimization of games automatically based on what the gamer prefers including performance, game quality, or a balance of both. The settings applied will depend on how well the AMD-power computer performs.

AMD says that the app recommends optimal game settings using game data captured from millions of PCs that are stored in the Raptr Cloud. The data is also combined with extensive testing of various combinations of GPUs and CPUs at various resolutions. The AMD Gaming Evolved App is currently available to download as an open beta.