AMC is giving Stubs members the chance to get Spider-Man NFTs

AMC Stubs members have the opportunity to get one of a limited collection of Spider-Man NFTs, the cinema company has announced. The NFTs are being issued by AMC and Sony Pictures to help promote the latter company's upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will hit theaters starting on December 16. Assuming the NFTs are still available, certain customers can get the NFTs by purchasing tickets for the movie early.

Limited-edition Spider-Man NFTs

According to AMC, the companies are offering up 86,000 NFTs based on Spider-Man: No Way Home, but only some moviegoers will be able to get them. The limited quantity of non-fungible tokens will be offered to AMC Stubs Premiere and A-List members, as well as AMC Investor Connect members, and they're only available if the tickets are purchased ahead of time.

AMC Stubs is the company's membership program that offers various perks depending on which version of the program a customer signs up for. Assuming the customer is a member of one of these qualifying plans, an advance ticket purchase will make it possible to redeem a Spider-Man NFT.

The NFTs are also available to eligible customers who reserve an opening-day ticket. The tickets went on sale starting today and, of note, the NFTs are only available with ticket reservations and purchases that are for the movie's opening day on December 16. All movie formats are covered by the NFT promotion, which is limited to ticket sales in the US.

Among other things, the company says the tickets must be reserved or purchased through the AMC Theatres website, plus the customer will need to make sure their AMC Stubs number is linked to the purchase or reservation. Beyond that, the ticket has to be scanned at the theater before the NFT redemption code is delivered to the customer's email.

NFTs as promotional gimmicks

This isn't the first time NFTs have been offered as promotional items for events and movies. The blockchain-based collectibles were previously launched as a promotion for the new Space Jam movie, plus the NFL has teamed up with Ticketmaster to offer NFT-based commemorative tickets with certain football game tickets purchases.

A big question remains, however, which is whether NFTs have any sort of future. Though the technology exploded in popularity last year and many people have made significant amounts of money from them, the market itself is flooded with content that is often ignored, destined to reside forever on a platform like OpenSea.

Many have criticized NFTs as something that won't maintain popularity for long due to their inherent nature. Unlike a physical item, the rarity of which can be appreciated by physically owning the object, NFTs are essentially just images, videos, or similar content that one can link to a wallet and boast ownership rights for.

There's already a Pirate Bay clone for NFTs — and, as many have pointed out, it's very easy to simply screenshot an image-based NFT and possess it in the same way as the person who bought it. Regardless, the market is still quite trendy at the moment and, assuming you care anything at all about it, grabbing a limited edition NFT for a movie you already plan to see will make a nice addition to an existing collection.