Amazon's New Kindle Paperwhite Features Sharper Screen, Easy-To-Read Font

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Amazon has just outed the latest version of its mid-range Kindle model, the Paperwhite, and it now has the single-best feature from the pricier Kindle Voyage model, while keeping its $119 price tag. The new Paperwhite has a 300 pixels-per-inch e-paper display, making text twice as sharp as the previous generation, and offering a reading experience that's much easier on the eyes. The new e-reader is available to order now, but Amazon says shipping will begin on June 30th.

While the Kindle Paperwhite now has a much better touchscreen to read your favorite books on, little else about the device's hardware has changed — and that's a good thing. The Paperwhite still weighs 7.3 ounces, has a nearly glare-free display, and maintains a battery life that can last for weeks, even with double the pixels of the last model.

Also making its debut on the Paperwhite is "Bookerly," Amazon's own font that it designed specifically for reading on e-ink displays. Along with a backlit screen, the new Kindle has a "typesetting engine" that improves layouts for better visibility, especially with larger font sizes.

$119 is the starting price for the Paperwhite, meaning it will be ad-supported. Purchasing without the "special offers" raises the price to $139, and adding the 3G option to the default WiFi brings it to $209.