Amazon's new diversity report tells a familiar tale

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We've seen many diversity reports this year, and they all have one thing in common: a relative lack of diversity. Amazon has joined Facebook, Twitter, Google and others by posting its own numbers, and in them we see that same familiar tale comprised of people who are mostly white and mostly male. The company revealed its workforce statistics in a total of four categories, both for the overall company and for its managers when it comes to gender, and the same narrowed down to just those in the US when it comes to race.

Getting straight into the numbers, Amazon has revealed that its overall global workforce breaks down to 63-percent male and 37-percent female; this number skews more heavily when looking at global management, however, which shows that 75-percent are men and 25-percent women.

The race breakdown is based on the US workforce, showing that overall the company's workers are 60-percent White, 15-percent Black, 13-percent Asian, 9-percent Hispanic, and 3-percent "Other". As with the gender numbers, these statistics skew when looking at management specifically, which is comprised of 71-percent White, 18-percent Asian, 4-percent Hispanic, 4-percent Black, and likewise 3-percent as "Other."

Amazon joined its statistics with a long narrative about the work it is doing in increasing diversity both within the company and in the industry itself. This includes an initiative Amazon calls "Affinity Groups", as well as its partnership with the Anita Borg Institute, hosting "Girls Who Code", and more.

SOURCE: Amazon