Amazon's latest AR tool puts many virtual objects in the same room

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Amazon has introduced a new augmented reality tool that enables users to view more than one virtual object overlaid into their real-world environment. This builds upon the AR system Amazon first introduced back in 2017. This time around, users aren't limited to only viewing one AR object at a time, making it easier to shop for an entire room's worth of goods.

Though the feature is not yet widely available to users, Amazon has detailed it to TechCrunch, plus there is a related page available on the website. The new tool is called Room Decorator and it is designed for users who want to see how furniture, decorations, and other items will look in their home.

This isn't an entirely new feature for the company — as mentioned, it rolled out AR features a few years ago. This time around, however, Room Decorator makes it possible to simultaneously view more than one item in the same room using the Amazon mobile app. This is quite useful for those who want to make sure all their planned purchases fit together when placed in the same room.

In addition to offering the ability to see objects within one's room, the Room Decorator tool also enables users to save images of the AR placement in their Amazon account for accessing later on. According to the report, 'thousands' of products on Amazon support the new AR tool; their product pages show a 'View In Your Room' button.

Only desktop and iOS users will see this button, at least for now. Each added object in one's room can be adjusted and the resulting arrangements can be saved. The AR tool enables users to directly move the products they want into their Amazon shopping cart for purchase. All US Amazon customers on iOS should get access to the tool within the next few weeks. It is unclear whether Amazon will ever offer a similar feature for Android users.