Amazon's Lab 126 Looking Into New Hardware

A new report from The New York Times' Bits blog says that Amazon is looking into some new hardware. After releasing a new, cheaper Kindle, and still reaping in the rewards for being one of the most popular eReaders available on the market, it looks like it's time for the digital retailer to start looking at new things to sell. Thanks to "people with direct knowledge" of the situation, we've got a few details that may pique anyone's interest.

According to the report, it looks like Amazon's Lab 126, the hardware division that's responsible for the Kindle, is looking into new hardware. Furthermore, it sounds like the Lab is focusing on something that would simply be a "means to an end," and allow Amazon customers to buy from the retailer a lot more easily. The same source suggests that Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, always intended to make Lab 126 pump out more than one device, but apparently the success of the eReader kept them on a one-track mind for quite awhile.

With 80 job openings currently filling the "now hiring" list for Amazon's hardware department, it may seem like a legitimate claim. And considering the success of the Kindle, there's no reason to think that Amazon wouldn't take a few breathes and look at introducing new things into the market. Not surprising at all, actually.

[via Bits]