Amazon's Kindle Goes Head-to-Head With the iPad in New Ad [Video]

With Amazon recently launching their brand new revision of the Kindle electronic reading device, we should have known they'd kick off a brand new marketing campaign in the process. While their previous commercials may have emphasized the fact you can take your reading anywhere, this new commercial manages to do the same, while still throwing a couple of punches right towards Apple's magical and revolutionary tablet device, the iPad. Trying to read the iPad in the sun may be a pain, but thanks to the Kindle's E-ink display, no worries there.

Whether or not one believes this "steps up" the eReader war, well, that's probably up to your personal opinion. But, it is curious to see Amazon going right for Apple, when they've been pretty much notoriously trying to stay out of that particular war. Classifying the Kindle as a different kind of piece of technology than the iPad, the Kindle's been "just an eReader," and Amazon's seemingly been pretty comfortable with that. But, it looks like they've finally realized that they need to try and show that the Kindle is indeed better in some instances.

Of course, the advertisement also points out that the Kindle starts out at just $139 for the WiFi-only edition, while the iPad's price is a high $499. The advantages and disadvantages of the devices, compared to one another, are probably well known by now — especially the price, but that's what ads are for, right? Of course, with all of the "studies" done out there, there are still plenty of people who enjoy the Kindle's "one-track-mind," if you will. While there are others that show that owners of the iPad don't buy Kindles, and if they already have a Kindle, they might be likely to "upgrade" to the iPad, for the extra features. Check out the ad below and let us know what you think.

[via YouTube]