Amazon's Fire TV Live feature gets Sling TV free news integration

Earlier this month, Sling TV launched a new free tier called 'Stay in & SLING' targeted at people who don't subscribe to the service, but who are currently stuck at home and seeking new streaming services to watch. The service offers a variety of free channels and on-demand content, including news content and a bunch of older and lesser-known series. Some of that content is now integrated with Fire TV's 'Live' tab.

'Stay in & SLING' is a limited-time free service that can be accessed through the Sling apps or on the service's desktop website. Content varies and includes things like The Five, The Randi Rhodes Show, Forensic Files, Tru TV's Top Funniest, Impractical Jokers, older movies like Pot o' Gold, and newish movies like Boyz N The Hood and Seven Pounds.

In addition to the episodic shows and reality television, the new free tier also features live news content from sources like FOX, ABC News, Cheddar, and some FOX affiliates. Cord-cutters who own an Amazon Fire TV device, whether it's a smart stick, set-top box, or smart TV, can access the free news content under the platform's 'Live' tab under a new integration.

In an announcement on Monday, Sling said the new integration is rolling out to Fire TV users located in the US starting today. As with the other free-tier content, this live news is free to access and available 24/7. By adding the content to Live, Fire TV users can see what is available alongside live content from other services, eliminating the need to open and scroll through any individual apps.

Assuming you're not a Sling TV customer, you must first download and install the Sling TV app on your Fire TV device. Once installed, open the app and choose 'Explore Free Content.' This will establish you on the service's free tier, after which point you'll see the free news content show up under the 'Live' tab.