Amazon's Echo Flex gets a simple but handy Smart Clock attachment

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First revealed last year, the Echo Flex is a device that acts as an Alexa smart speaker that plugs directly into an outlet. As the name suggests, the Echo Flex is also a modular piece of equipment, as it has a USB port on the bottom that allows users to plug in attachments. We've seen a few different attachments for the Echo Flex including a night light and a motion sensor, but today, a company called Third Reality is introducing a new one called the Echo Flex Smart Clock.

The Echo Flex Smart Clock is a pretty straightforward device, as it features a built-in display that shows the time either in 12-hour or 24-hour formats (the format you use can be changed using the Third Reality skill). The brightness of the display changes depending on the ambient lighting of the room thanks to a built-in light sensor as well, though you can also set the brightness manually with Alexa.

You can also use the Smart Clock to set timers through Alexa voice commands, with the attachment supporting up to 20 timers at once. We're not sure what kind of hectic life you're living if you need to have 20 active timers at one time, but if that's you, it sounds like this attachment has you covered.

That's more or less it as far as the Smart Clock's capabilities are concerned. It's a simple attachment for the Echo Flex, but then, something like the Smart Clock doesn't need a ton of different features to be useful.

The Echo Flex Smart Clock isn't launching until next week, as Third Reality has lined up an August 11th release date for it, though it's up for pre-order beginning today. When it launches, it'll run $14.99, so it's priced similarly to Amazon's first-party Smart Motion Sensor and Smart Night Light.