Amazon will exclusively stream the 49ers vs Cardinals game in December

If you're planning to watch the Cardinals and 49ers battle it out next month, you'll need to use Twitch or Prime Video — unless you happen to live in Phoenix or San Francisco, in which case you'll be able to catch it through the local broadcast stations. The deal was announced by the NFL, which notes that it will also make the game available to eligible mobile users.

The NFL is no stranger to streaming games — and it has previously tapped Amazon to provide access to certain events for streaming. In its latest example, the NFL says that most fans will need to stream the 49ers divisional game at Arizona Cardinals on Twitch or Prime Video.

The game will take place on December 26 at 4:30 PM ET. The Amazon exclusive streaming deal covers only that game, not the Buccaneers at Detroit Lions and Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders games also scheduled to take place (before and after the 49ers) on the same day.

As mentioned, there are exceptions to the streaming deal. Mobile users will be able to watch the game on their phones through the NFL, Yahoo Sports, and the apps from both teams. If you're a local fan located in San Francisco or Phoenix, you'll also be able to watch it on your local network.

If you can't watch the game, the NFL says you'll be able to stream the audio coverage using the NFL Game Pass or through SiriusXM. Overall, the deal underscores the increased presence of major sporting events through streaming destinations, addressing the issue that used to keep many people shackled to traditional pay-TV services.