Amazon tests weekly scheduled Prime package deliveries

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 2, 2018, 6:39 pm CDT
Amazon tests weekly scheduled Prime package deliveries

Frequent Amazon Prime purchases can result in random boxes showing up multiple days a week, those possibly unpredictable depending on whether the user has automatic shipments set up. Amazon is addressing that by offering its Prime subscribers a new option: choosing a particular day to receive their packages.

The new option is deploying to Prime customers slowly, according to CNET, which first reported the news. The feature is offered to US customers through an invite program, the company confirmed, describing “Amazon Day” as a test for now. This is an optional feature; users aren’t required to use it.

There’s an obvious benefit to picking a specific day of the week to receive boxes: it’s predictable. This enables customers to ensure packages aren’t left exposed on a porch where they may be stolen before the user returns home. The day chosen by the user will be the default for future packages unless changed, though the customers will still be able to choose two-day shipping if they’d like.

The program could prove beneficial for the environment, as well, enabling a batch of boxes to be delivered weekly to a residence instead of multiple times per week. Only a small group of people have the option to use it right now, but the company will be expanding it to more US customers over “coming months.”

This isn’t the first unique delivery option made available to some Amazon customers. The company previously launched Amazon Key, an option in which customers can have a package left inside of their home, assuming they’re in a supported zip code.


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