Amazon shutters Prime Pantry, but you don't have to worry

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Amazon has decided to shutter its Prime Pantry service, one of its first forays into the grocery delivery business. Available since its launch in 2014, the service enabled Prime subscribers to order boxes of non-perishable goods for a $5 fee, something that has become increasingly unnecessary as Amazon expands its grocery services and speeds up its Prime delivery.

Until now, a visit to Amazon's website for non-perishable grocery goods would show a bunch of items labeled with 'Prime Pantry.' These items could be ordered in a large box, with each item added to the cart taking up a certain percentage of the box's capacity. You'd need to order a Prime Pantry box to get the items labeled with the service.

Following an alert sent to Prime Pantry customers last month, Amazon has officially ended that shopping option, rolling the goods into its wider selection of items available to purchase. You can still order grocery items, including household goods and non-perishable foods, through Amazon and benefit from the free one- or two-day shipping — assuming you have a Prime subscription, of course.

If you click a Prime Pantry link now, it'll take you to a different Amazon page where you can find the various household, pet, and grocery items available to purchase. The page is joined by a small banner stating that Prime Pantry has been discontinued, but clicking it will take you to essentially the same kind of shopping page you'd previously have accessed.

Goods available through Amazon's 'Pantry Staples' include many of the items you'd otherwise find at a grocery store, including soups and broth, dried goods like beans, pasta and grains, canned foods, herbs, and similar. With Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition, Prime customers can also get fresh food through Amazon Fresh, assuming they live in an eligible city.