Amazon Prime Now launches in London bringing 1hr delivery

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In some larger cities in the US Amazon has been offering a service called Prime Now that lets buyers get some items delivered to their location in only an hour. Amazon is rolling Prime Now out to locations outside the US with London being the first place to gain access. For now, only certain postcodes in London are covered by Prime Now's one-hour shipping offer.

Access to the service in London is limited to parts of zone 1. As of now zone 2 and zone 3 aren't supported by the service. If a postcode in London is served by Prime Now, a selection of products will be available in one hour.

Thankfully, you don't have to just add things to your cart and hope you can get them in an hour to your London location. Amazon has a resource to check if you are covered at Londoners can purchase thousands of products using Prime Now according to Amazon with a few caveats.

Orders have to be at least £20 and you will need to pay £6.99 per order for the 1-hour delivery charge. If you can wait two hours in Prime Now areas, you can get products with no extra delivery fee between 8am and midnight. While the service was originally for things like toiletries and other essentials, you can now get a range of items in an hour or two including microwaves and Apple TVs.

SOURCE: TechCrunch