Amazon Prime Book Box now available to all Prime customers in the US

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced Prime Book Box, a box of curated books targeted at young children. The new offering was only available through an invitation at the time, but the company has officially opened it up to all Prime customers located in the United States. Buyers can choose to receive a box every month or only a few times a year, depending on their needs.READ: Prime Book Box is a return to Amazon's roots

Prime Book Box enables families to receive a box of children's books every month, every two months, or only once every three months.

There's a financial benefit in getting the books via the box rather than purchasing them individually — Amazon says customers save up to 35-percent per box compared to list price. As explained in the video below, each box contains four board books or two hardcover books.

Amazon curates the books included in each box, which are split up into four age group options: baby to age 2, ages 3 – 5, ages 6 – 8, and ages 9 – 12. Though the books are curated, parents are given the option of previewing the titles that will arrive in the box, then tailoring them to their specific wants.

Alternatively, the parents can choose to just receive whatever Amazon includes and consider it a surprise. Each box is priced at $22.99; buyers can choose to skip a shipment at any time. The items included in the box vary based on age, of course — babies and toddlers can expect to get board books, whereas older kids get novels.

SOURCE: Amazon