Amazon offers Comcast bundles, promises better customer service

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In the market for a Comcast subscription and thoroughly mired in Amazon's marketplace? Amazon is now reselling a bunch of Comcast service bundles, including Internet and TV service, doing so through a quietly launched new 'store' called "Amazon Cable Store." Only Comcast is being offered through it right now, and there are some exclusive offers provided, as well as the promise of it only taking "three steps" to get service. Best of all, Amazon aims to improve the customer service experience.

The new Amazon store offers three options: just Internet, Internet and TV packages, and Internet/TV/phone packages. When you select, for example, just the Internet packages, you're taken to the product page shown below: choose a term to see a price, then select the package type and proceed to the next step. You'll be given the option of leasing the hardware you need or buying it outright.

A credit check is run, and if someone passes all the steps, an installation date is eventually scheduled. What's the point of ordering through Amazon rather than through Comcast? The company is giving away a gift card, but more importantly, it is promising a better customer service experience.

Subscribers who go through Amazon will get a dedicated customer service line (to Comcast support centers), which addresses one of the biggest complaints about Comcast. Amazon says service calls will be answered in 60 seconds or less, at least if the company meets its goal. As well, Amazon promises the agents don't have commissions, hinting that you won't have to deal with the annoying sales pitches and retention efforts you may endure elsewhere.

On Amazon's end of things, it benefits by, among other things, being able to take consumers directly to modem and router product pages, hopefully squeezing an extra sale out of them. It isn't clear whether other service providers will be added in the future. The terms of the deal between the two companies hasn't been revealed.