Amazon New World MMO closed beta is finally happening

When Amazon revealed its grand gaming ambitions, there was understandably some confusion and even doubt if the e-commerce giant even has what it takes to play in the triple-A market. After all, this would be a first for a company better known for its retail and cloud chops more than game development know-how. The rather mixed reception of its Crucible team-based shooter doesn't do it any favors on that front but that won't stop its even more ambitious title from getting the ball rolling for its delayed release in August.

Everyone and anyone interested in game development want to make an MMO or massively multiplayer online game. Given its background in cloud infrastructure and services, Amazon definitely has the street cred for the "online" part of that equation. Delivering a satisfying gaming experience worth $40 or more, however, is still something Amazon needs to prove.

Its latest trailer for its New World MMO seems to suggest it has that down already. The clip focuses on the combat experience which it describes as visceral and skill-based. The game will also feature sieges and world events that will involve 100 players on a single battlefield simultaneously. Suffice it to say, very ambitious for a first-timer indeed.

New World takes place in the fictional world of Aeternum described as rife with danger, conflict, and undead. While combat between players and monsters is the primary mechanic of the game, the open-sandbox MMO also promises something for explorers, artisans, and empire builders.

The closed beta, which was originally scheduled for April, will start on July 23 with a global launch still on track for August 25. Getting into the closed beta will be, as always, a game of luck but if you're willing to bet your dollars on Amazon's venture, pre-ordering the game gets you instant access as well.