Amazon Music Unlimited just dropped its price for college students

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 30, 2017, 4:10 pm CST
Amazon Music Unlimited just dropped its price for college students

The fall semester is upon us and many students are returning to school for another few months of college coursework. If you’re counted among them — and you have a valid college/university documentation — Amazon is hoping you’ll sign up for its Music Unlimited service. Why choose it over competitors? Because it just got considerably cheaper.

It’s not unusual for companies to offer discounted rates to college students; Amazon has already done that with Prime, as one example, and now it is doing it with Music Unlimited. As of now, any student who is eligible can sign up for the service at $4.99/month, making it one of the more inexpensive premium music services out there.

This new promotion is being called Amazon Music Unlimited for Students, and it is available to someone who is attending a college or university that grants degrees (e.g., no fake online colleges will work). Those who sign up for the discounted plan will need to verify that they are eligible; Amazon has tapped the third-party validation service SheerID to perform this task.

You’ll need to go over to this page to sign up. Amazon explains that anyone who can’t be automatically verified as eligible through SheerID still have some options. The company does warn, however, that some vocational and technical schools may not be eligible.

You can manually provide proof that you are eligible by submitting either an official enrollment letter from your school, either a tuition or registration receipt, class schedule, an in-progress transcript for the semester, or any other document from the school that includes status and full name.

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