Amazon Music Unlimited and Echo roll out to 28 new countries

Though it provides a good service, Amazon Music Unlimited suffers a bit for having arrived a little late to the party. At this point, Music Unlimited is only about 14 months old, and in that period of time, it's only come to a select few regions, like the US, UK, Germany, and Japan. That all changes today, as Amazon has announced that Music Unlimited will launch in 28 new regions around the world, greatly expanding its availability on this wonderful little planet of ours.

In addition to Music Unlimited, Amazon is also rolling out its line of Echo devices to these new countries. Amazon clearly intends Music Unlimited and Alexa to go hand-in-hand, so to see the two launch together is hardly a surprise. Here are the 28 countries receiving support for Music Unlimited and Echo today:

• Belgium

• Bolivia

• Bulgaria

• Chile

• Colombia

• Costa Rica

• Cyprus

• Czech Republic

• Ecuador

• El Salvador

• Estonia

• Finland

• Greece

• Hungary

• Iceland

• Latvia

• Liechtenstein

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• Netherlands

• Panama

• Peru

• Poland

• Portugal

• Slovakia

• Sweden

• Uruguay

The version of Amazon Music Unlimited rolling out to these countries today seems to be more or the less the same as the service that's already available in other regions. Subscribers will be able to access millions of songs ad-free, as well as curated playlists created by Amazon based on your listening preferences. You'll have Alexa voice commands at your disposal, allowing you to begin listening to music by asking Alexa to play a certain genre, artist, or a specific song.

Just as well, the three Music Unlimited plans that Amazon offers here in the US are making the jump to these new countries. Users can sign up for an Echo-only plan, which allows you to stream your music through a single Echo Dot, though there's also the standard subscription which lets you stream on a variety of different devices. Finally, if you have multiple people in your household, you can sign up for the family plan and have up to six distinct Music Unlimited accounts for one subscription.

Of course, pricing will vary depending on where in the world you're at. If you're living in one of the countries getting support today, you can head over to the Amazon Music website to check pricing for your region and sign up for new service.