Amazon Music spatial audio support expands to all headphones

Amazon has announced that its Music Unlimited streaming plan now offers spatial audio support for any pair of headphones, not just special equipment. This enables subscribers to enjoy their favorite music in a more immersive way using the earbuds or headphones they already own in combination with their Android phone or iPhone.

Spatial music, put simply, is music where the different sounds in the track are presented from their real-life location. This provides an immersive listening experience in which, for example, you may hear the drums behind you and the singer in front of you. A growing number of streaming services have introduced spatial music libraries.

Amazon Music is one of those streaming services, though you have to sign up for the Unlimited plan to access the content. In an announcement today, the company said that its spatial music library can now be enjoyed using any pair of headphones, meaning you can use your old school wired cans or new pair of true wireless earbuds.

Amazon's spatial audio library includes both new and old music with artists like Lil Nas X and Alicia Keys. Amazon has also managed to nab the exclusive release for Imagine Dragons' Mercury – Act 1 album mixed in Dolby Atmos; it'll be available next month.

Certain speakers can also stream spatial audio from Amazon Music using Alexa Cast, according to the company, including Sony's SRS-RA3000 and SRS-RA500, HT-A5999, HT-A7000, and HT-A9, plus the Echo Studio. Users who are signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited automatically have access to the expanded spatial audio support.