Amazon lands new streaming deal with NBCUniversal International for LOVEFiLM

Amazon has been peddling its streaming video service internationally for a while now called LOVEFiLM. The new streaming deal is a partnership with NBCUniversal International TV Distribution. The new agreement will give international audiences on demand access to hundreds of episodes of iconic American television shows.

The deal will include both recent series and what Amazon calls all-time greats and guilty pleasures. The streaming deal covers shows like the US version of The Office and 30 Rock. The new streaming agreement also brings access to the popular series Heroes and 80s classic TV shows.

Fans of 80s TV and The Hoff will be excited to hear that one of the TV shows covered in the new streaming agreement is Knight Rider. Subscribers to the service will be able to get their fill of big hair and talking cars. Amazon says that this new streaming deal follows other high-profile TV deals including agreements with ABC, BBC, and ITV.

With the huge TV catalog of NBCUniversal, the shows specifically called out in the announcement are only a small number of the popular shows the studio has available. It's unclear if the streaming deal will cover any other available series from NBCUniversal.

[via Amazon]