Amazon Kindle Dev Kit now in limited beta

We mentioned before that the Amazon Kindle Development Kit was announced in January promising active content on the eReader. The KDK is now officially available in limited beta and the announcement brings with it a bit more information about the active content that will result from the KDK.

We already knew that the KDK would simulate a 9.7-inch Kindle DX and the 6-inch Kindle on Mac, PC, and Linux platforms. Amazon reports that content submission during the limited beta form developers will be free. The revenue split for content developed under the program will by 70/30 with the dev getting the bigger part, plus the delivery fee of $0.15 per MB.

Content created with the KDK will be made available to customers on the Kindle Store later this year with three pricing methods. The content can be free, which is limited to apps smaller than 1MB and under 100KB/user/month with Amazon paying delivery costs. One-time purchase apps will be charged one time when the user buys and the apps must have nominal monthly wireless use of under 100KB/user/month. Apps that use more wireless time will be monthly subscription models. The upper size limit for active content will be 100MB and apps over 10MB won't be deliverable over the 3G connection.