Amazon Household puts limits on how you share Prime benefits

You might not have know that you could share your Amazon Prime account benefits like the free shipping and streaming video with your friends, but you could. That allowed you to get together with other folks to share the cost of Prime and all reap the benefits for less out of pocket expense. Amazon has now made a move to limit how you can share your account benefits.

As of August 1, you can only share the cheap shipping benefits with two adults and up to four children via Amazon Household. The two adults under the new plan can share all Prime benefits and payment methods. The kids on the other hand are limited in what they get out of the deal.

The four kids can only use the non-purchase features. That means a child off at college can't ship stuff to their location for free, but they can watch all the streaming video they want. The sharing of benefits also extends to the Kindle Lending Library and other features.

Here is a bit of good news, if you and four random friends are already on one account, you can still leave them on that account as long as you don't opt into Amazon Household. If you ever remove a person from your account, they can't come back on unless they sign up for their own account with Prime. Suddenly you have leverage to force your friends to pay their share.

SOURCE: Lifehacker