Amazon Echo Spot available now in the UK

JC Torres - Jan 17, 2018, 4:11am CST
Amazon Echo Spot available now in the UK

The battle of the AI assistants and their devices is on. At CES 2018, a large portion of consumer electronics revolved around or, at the very least, supported the likes of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Sometimes even both. As the competition, not to mention the nastiness, between the two heats up, so do the expansion to global markets. Hot on the heels of CES, Amazon is finally making available in the UK one of its latest, and oddest, products, the Echo Spot.

The best way to describe the Echo Spot is that it’s an Alexa alarm clock. Indeed, it’s designed to be put on bedside nightstands and whatnot. That said, considering it has a camera, intended for video chats, some people are less than enthusiastic about putting one in the second most private room in the house.

Of course, the Echo Spot is meant to be more than just a spying tool (joking aside, it isn’t. Or at least shouldn’t be). It can give you the weather at a glance, some news snippets, and maybe even non-YouTube videos. Basically anything you can show in an Echo Show, limited only by its smaller and circular screen.

The Spot also lets you control your entire house. Provided, of course, you have an army of connected appliances from Ring, Philips Hue, TP-Link, Netatmo, SmartThings, and Tado, just to name a few. It’s also an entertainment hub, really a music player, either by its lonesome self or with another speaker, be it via Bluetooth or the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

In other words, the Amazon Echo Spot is for those who want an Echo Show but neither have the space nor the funds for one. Or for those who want an Echo Dot with a screen. At 119.99 GBP, the Echo Spot could be quite the steal. Pre-orders start now, with shipping slated to start on 24th January.

SOURCE: Amazon

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