Amazon Echo gets Bluetooth speaker support

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Thus far, if you wanted to use Amazon Alexa with a Bluetooth speaker, you needed to get a Dot device. That has changed, as Amazon has quietly introduced Bluetooth speaker pairing support for its Echo device, as well. By pairing Echo with a Bluetooth speaker, users are able to enjoy the powerful and better quality audio delivered with a speaker rather than the device's own built-in audio offering.

Echo, of course, is the larger, taller of Amazon's Alexa-centric devices, allowing owners to ask the personal assistant things like what the current weather is or some other question that would ordinarily require a Google search. The device has its own built-in speaker, which is understandably small by nature.

The big benefit to using a Bluetooth speaker is having better music quality when asking Alexa to play a particular song or audio file. The music quality that comes from the Echo itself isn't quite up to par with what most users want when listening to their favorite tunes.

A page on the Amazon service website says the Echo can be paired with speakers, but that the speaker will need to be at least 3ft away to make sure it doesn't interfere with Alexa's ability to hear. Amazon says that speakers that are Echo Dot certified are the best to use with its products. Other Bluetooth devices will need to be disconnected from Echo before pairing a speaker.

SOURCE: Twitter