Amazon Echo and Alexa get users ready for COVID-19

Different tech companies have had their own ways to respond to the pandemic gripping the entire world but Amazon may be the one with the largest coverage as far as services and products go. From deliveries to entertainment to smart devices, the retail giant is busy not just responding to the crisis but also responding to criticisms and allegations. Its latest action to respond to the call of the times is to equip Alexa and its line of smart speakers and displays with information and content to keep people connected to the outside world even when stuck at home.

Amazon Videos is one of the obvious ways it is helping its customers stay entertained during these days but it is from its only source of distraction. There is, of course, Kindle and its audio cousin Audible to feed the mind while Amazon Music keeps your ears busy with your favorite tunes or new discoveries. Those with Fire Tablets can even get lost in their own world with Minecraft Education Edition.

Taking a cue from Siri, Alexa can now also guide you through questions to determine if you need to get yourself checked for COVID-19. That isn't just for the US either but also has its counterpart process in Japan. For the kids or anyone who needs audible cues, the smart assistant can even sing a song for 20 seconds while you wash your hands. And, of course, Alexa can also play the news on Amazon Echo speakers and displays.

Keeping away from friends and especially family can be an even bigger source of stress for some people. Fortunately, today's Internet age can keep you easily connected via video calling on Amazon Echo Show devices.

Beyond ways of keeping safe at home, Amazon is also pushing methods to let people help those outside fight the virus. Users can tell Alexa to donate to some amount to charities and organizations like the Red Cross. And for the brave and generous, users can also look up options to donate their blood to Red Cross as well.