Amazon Digital Day will have your wallet groaning

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If you lucked out on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas deals, don't you fret, Amazon has got you covered. At 00:00 PT on 30th December, that is, midnight in the Pacific (3 AM Eastern), Amazon will be letting loose a barrage of sales, from 50% to 75% to 80% off on loads of items on its shelves. Digital shelves, that is. Amazon Digital Day cometh and while it will naturally be limited to digital products, this day and age that is exactly what buyers want.

Amazon's massive discounts are being applied to three distinct categories. The biggest price cuts are being given to games, unsurprisingly. If you weren't able to stock up on titles like MADDEN 17, FIFA 17, Titanfall, or Destiny, now might be your last chance to grab them on the cheap. Gaming binging might be over, but who says gaming has to stop as well.

If you're not button-mashing, mouse-clicking type of consumer, Amazon also has loads for you. Though the discount isn't as big as games, you can grab titles like The LEGO Movie and Storks at 50% of their regular price.

And then there are comics in between, enjoying a 75% discount on Digital Day. With Amazon now owning Comixology, you can bet your favorite spandex-clad characters will make an offer you can't refuse.

Amazon promises "thousands more" on Digital Day, which will most likely include Android apps. But better be quick on your fingers and have your cards handy, as this will only last 24 hours.